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We presented our recalculated values rather than the original values because these were input into the statistical averaging program.
Recalculated seasonal factors for the last 5 years (2009-2013) for the commodity indexes,
Although no changes have been made to net income, pro forma earnings per share, cash flow or the number of shares outstanding, income per share from continuing operations was recalculated to be $.
Oak Park originally was listed third but was declared a 110-114-118 winner over Orange Lutheran and North Coast Section champion Piedmont when the scores were recalculated after a video review determined Maripietri was omitted as the Eagles' No.
The IRS recalculated the gain based on the higher fair market value of the properties the company transferred to the partnership.
reverses; because P, at no time, qualified for regular service retirement, his recalculated benefits were still excludible.
The Fund's valuation service provider has recalculated the net asset value per unit as of the last valuation date, January 6, 2006, as $22.
If the sales analysis PivotTable in exhibits 3 through 6 were linked directly to a sales transaction database, new quarterly data could be recalculated by simply clicking on the Refresh PivotTable button.
Further, estimated shrinkage determined in accordance with this safe harbor is not required to be recalculated through a look-back adjustment or to other-wise reflect the results of physical inventories taken after year-end.
The table below provides monthly seasonally adjusted percent changes for the three major SOP categories during 2012, based on former and recalculated seasonal factors.
Of the 6,700 schools that are included in the state's ranking system, 2,600 did not submit updated information when the Department of Education recalculated the similar-schools category, said Pat McCabe, administrator in the office of policy and evaluation at the California Department of Education.