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The Supreme Court agreed with Toll Brothers, concluding that the company was entitled to appear before the County Planning Board to seek a recalculation of required contributions and that New Jersey law does not allow a developer to be saddled with an obligation to construct improvements that are not reflective of that developer's pro rata share of such improvements.
Letter Ruling 200018057 centered on what happens if an IRA owner did timely name a designated beneficiary, but nevertheless chose to calculate his IRA distributions based on single life expectancy, using the recalculation method?
Part of the editing process involves recalculation of volume and associated MMBtu.
In the area of Administrative Changes, a proposal was made to require the recalculation of the amounts of corporate instalment payments where the tax liability for the year upon which they were based is reassessed.
Most IRA holders choose the annual recalculation method for determining minimum distributions; this allows the IRA owner and spouse to use their attained ages as of their birthdays each year when looking up their joint life expectancy in the IRS tables (in Publication 590).
Without relief, the building's portion would go up to approximately $181,343 under a recent recalculation of its square footage and a 9 percent budget increase by the BID.
However, the IRA owner must make a key decision no later than his or her required beginning date, choosing to elect a fixed number of years for IRA distributions or to elect the life-expectancy recalculation method (the IRA owner's life expectancy expands each year).
law requires the continual recalculation of the earnings and profits pool and the filing of amended returns.
The new share issue will lead to recalculation of the subscription rate for the company's outstanding 2006-2008 warrant programmes, which cover 3,000,000 warrants for subscription of series A shares in the company.
a) Excluding $101,000 related to a purchaser's recalculation and remittance of royalties for prior period San Juan Basin production, the current month gas price is $10.
Although New Jersey does not allow special-use valuation, it values forest land according to comparable forest land sales and requires a recalculation of the estate tax if the land's use is changed.