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The right or procedure by which a public official may be removed from a position by a vote of the people prior to the end of the term of office.

Recall is the retiring of an elected officer by a vote of the electorate. Some state constitutions prescribe the procedure that must be followed in a recall—for example, requiring the filing of a petition containing the signatures of a specific number of qualified voters.


(Call back), verb abolish, abrogate, annul, cancel, disannul, dismiss, disqualify, invalidate, nullify, reanimate, reassemble, reconvene, repudiate, rescind, resuscitate, revive, revivify, revocare, revoke, summon back, take back, unsay, void, withdraw


(Remember), verb be reminded of, call up, commemorate, conjure up, dwell upon, evoke, fix in the mind, have memories of, keep in mind, know again, know by heart, look back upon, memorialize, memorize, place, recognize, recollect, recordari, recover knowledge of, reeresh one's memory, relive, reminisce, retain, retrace, review, revive, see in retrospect, summon up, think back to
See also: abjuration, abrogate, ademption, annul, annulment, cancel, cancellation, countermand, defeasance, depose, disavow, discharge, disinherit, hindsight, nullify, perceive, recant, reclaim, recognition, recognize, recollect, recollection, redeem, remember, remembrance, remove, renege, repeal, repossess, rescind, rescision, retain, retraction, retrospect, revocation, revoke, withdraw

TO RECALL, international law. To deprive a minister of his functions; to supersede him.

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With the demonstrated system, all data can be easily transmitted and stored and are easily recallable.
letter, earth, captain, hotel and flower) are more recallable than a list of words which occur more rarely (e.
Independent An elected, and recallable, official is better than an appointed one, every time.
A second possible approach to identifying the gifts would have been to hold that the transfer of the loan amount was incomplete by being revocable, because it was recallable at will.
In the Paris Commune, all official jobs of all levels were paid the same wages as workers received, and all administrative, judicial, and educational officers were elected and recallable by universal suffrage.
com in a domain name whereas numbers with an 888 - 877 - 866 toll-free prefix are often less valuable or less recallable.
Thanks to the servo technology and computer supported machine controls, a modern narrow web offset press does offer a lot of support, in such areas as ink/damping presetting, automated substrate adaption, recallable machine setting thanks to job storage, waste saving startup sequences, and so forth.
Managers were just more experienced workers elected by the assemblies, recallable at any time.
Achieved greater operating consistency by keeping optimized core box recipes in recallable memory.
261) Relatedly, behavioral finance shows that people generally exhibit an availability (or representativeness) bias; they tend to use the memories, recollections, and information that are the most available, recallable, or salient--not necessarily the most relevant--in order to form judgments, valuations, and estimates.