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Though auto makers have begun proactively recalling vehicles, the need for a policy by the government is required through which manufacturers who neglect recalling faulty vehicles can be punishable by law.
We found FDA lacks specific criteria for making decisions about whether recalling firms have adequately completed their recalls--a key oversight activity of the recall process," the report stated.
which issued a clarification in response to several press reports indicating the carrier was recalling "hundreds" of pilots.
Recall thrashing: Migrating and then immediately (or in a short period of time) recalling the same set of data sets wastes valuable HSM resources and CPU cycles and can be quite costly.
Specifically, USDA and FDA do not know how promptly and completely the recalling companies and their distributors and other customers are carrying out recalls, and neither agency is using its data systems to effectively track and manage its recall programs.
CPSC, not normally known for shrinking back from recalling a potentially dangerous toy, surprised some last month when it issued a mild statement alerting consumers to the possible hazards of the yo-yo water ball toy.
TRANSPORTATION, WEAPONS, FRUITS); and clustering, recalling words by categories.