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Under the bill, the grounds which may allow prosecutors to petition for perpetuation of testimonies if the life or well-being of the witness is endangered or if they maybe forced, intimidated, coerced or unduly or wrongfully persuaded to recant or substantially alter his declaration.
Hassan Papa Bangura (aka 'Bomblast) was sentenced to two 18-month prison terms for his convictions on two counts of offering a bribe to a witness, and of otherwise attempting to induce a witness to recant testimony given before the court.
The Fars story appeared after Nadarkhani's third refusal to recant triggered the death sentence and led to an outpouring of denunciations of the Islamic Republic.
Robin Recant said at a gynecology conference sponsored by Mount Sinai School of Medicine.
I did express dismay that Gumbel's only mention of this proven reform was a backhanded reference to 36,000 allegedly fraudulent ballots in Oregon's 2000 vote-by-mail election--a phony statistic he should recant, but still hasn't.
Given the chance to recant, Williams proved, as Gaustad puts it, "more a man of principle than prudence.
My hero is: Dietrich Bonhoffer, who was hanged in a Nazi prison camp in 1945 because he would not recant his personal belief and commitment.
Marcello Maloberti's installations are veritable mise-en-scenes, recant to amplify specific emotions.
Caption: Industry authorities discussed the state of the area's real estate market and made predictions for the months ahead at the recant National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP) breakfast program, sponsored by the organization's New York City/Westchester County/Fairfield County Chapter.
Galileo had to recant his position or risk being burnt at the stake.
He was forced to recant his beliefs before the Roman Inquisition on June 22 1633 and sentenced to house arrest until he died, in 1642.
Ultimately, improved access to capital will enable the acquisitions needed to fuel growth beyond the steady 7 percent experienced in recant years.