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Despite a lack of evidence and a later recantation of the accusations, Cox was convicted.
Recantation is the only evidence of falsity specifically identified and endorsed in any of the cases.
Stephanie's recantation is compromised by the fact that she has fallen out with her father, Javier; he says she is recanting to get back at him.
Looking back on Carter's own experience, Warden notes "his exoneration involved recantations of .
What is more painful is the fact that more often than not, these retractions or recantations have been obtained through force and intimidation, coercion, bribery or trickery," Garcia noted.
5) Though it is difficult to quantify recantation in child sexual abuse cases, studies have shown that it is not uncommon for children to change or deny an allegation, and that a leading warning sign to a child's recantation is a lack of maternal support.
Other themes emerge in the narrative that shed light on the entire movement in the Tirol, such as social and economic status and recantation.
But the poem also got him embroiled in a series of polemics, with Antonio da Rho, Pier Candido Decembrio, and Lorenzo Valla, leading Beccadelli eventually to write a recantation of his dedication to Cosimo de' Medici.
A leader from the opposition coalition, which includes Islamists, socialists and Nasserites, said the reason behind such a recantation was "provocations" from the ruling party.
All that was needed was some evidence of disbelief, and unless recantation occurred relatively quickly, death was imposed.
It was of course this conviction--and in particular Galileo's belief in the heliocentric universe put forward by Copernicus in 1543--that got him into such deep water with the Catholic church, culminating in his forced recantation before the Inquisition in 1633 and the severe restraints imposed on his life and work from then until his death in 1642.
No statement from Labour's leadership contestants is complete without a recantation on immigration.