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have allowed defendants to present evidence of recantation or correction
What is more painful is the fact that more often than not, these retractions or recantations have been obtained through force and intimidation, coercion, bribery or trickery," Garcia noted.
But alas, unlike Boyle's law - or Newton's one on gravity - latter day legal slicks have made lots of moolah from claims of mitigation, plain obfuscation and sheer recantation of such solid principles.
The discovery of simplicity in this poem convinces only if you take it entirely seriously, that here is a meaningful recantation of the aesthetic; yet this demands simultaneously to be read as more literary manners, a gesture no less aesthetic than anything anywhere else in Mahon's work.
21) A victim advocate or social worker can help alleviate a family's fears about loss of income, housing, and other military benefits which, if not addressed, could lead to a recantation.
Particularly in prosecutions where the victim of the crime is a child, recantation is frequent because the child victim's caregivers do not wish to proceed with the prosecution for fear of traumatizing the child even further.
A number of studies of sexual abuse victims have found that recantation is not unusual (Sorenson & Snow, 1991).
In the final chapter, Fairer similarly reads across and among genres in analyzing the anxieties of 1798, represented by "Fears in Solitude," "France: An Ode" (originally titled "The Recantation, An Ode"), and Richard Brinsley Sheridan's House of Commons speech on 20 April.
141) Given the incredible statistics related to victim recantation, (142) such coercive tendencies cannot be denied.
The Recantation of Dahlism and the Exhaustion of Pluralist Theory: Dahl, Domhoff, and the Fifty Year Debate.
Recantation only served to change the manner of execution: men should be decapitated and women were to be buried alive.
Again, because the recantation creates a change in circumstances, this may be a situation where moving in Family Court to reopen the hearing below should be contemplated.