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False Allegations, Recantations, and Unfounding in the Context of Sexual Assault, Or.
In an eight-page resolution dated September 12, Assistant State Prosecutor Susan Villanueva is convinced that there is probable cause to file a murder case against Angel, despite his sudden recantation of his extrajudicial confession, especially since premeditation and treachery - which are indicators of murder - are present in the case.
A lawmaker has filed a bill providing for the speedy and effective perpetuation of testimonies of vital witnesses in the prosecution of criminal offenses to prevent recantation or substantial alteration.
Several recantations of his views belied a progress towards the organised socialist movement.
In recent years there have been official recantations of these repressive policies and public recognition of the contributions of artists, intellectuals, and others formerly hounded, marginalized, or worse because of their sexual orientations.
If Coleridge's two poetic recantations signaled his loss of faith in his ability to distinguish between good and bad systems and sacrifices, what are the implications of that reading for our understanding of the shape of his politics in the 1790s?
Immediately he was thrown into the infamous Wellenberg tower and subjected to torture; he remained in prison there until late April, when he performed a second set of more private recantations as the price for expulsion from Zurich territory.
By excluding him, Stone avoided scenes of Russo being drugged and hypnotized and his repeated recantations.
Khai returned home to oversee the release of political prisoners and to issue a decree banning forced recantations of faith.
He was burned at the stake March 21, 1556, thrusting the hand that had signed the recantations into the flames first, uttering the now-famous words; "This was the hand that wrote it, therefore it shall suffer punishment.
Persuaded by his comrades to visit the Soviet Union in 1931, Arthur Homer then published a series of recantations, and returned to the party fold.
As Dan Finneran, the Amiraults' lawyer until 2000, puts it, the case represents "a closed system of thought: denials, recantations and failure to remember are categorized as manifestations of repression and fear and thus stand as confirmations of actual abuse.