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A lawmaker has filed a bill providing for the speedy and effective perpetuation of testimonies of vital witnesses in the prosecution of criminal offenses to prevent recantation or substantial alteration.
21) A victim advocate or social worker can help alleviate a family's fears about loss of income, housing, and other military benefits which, if not addressed, could lead to a recantation.
Hurst, Prevention of Recantations of Child Sexual Abuse Allegations, 2(11) CENTER PIECE 1, 2-3 (2010), available at http://www.
At the most coercive end of the spectrum are cases in which there is a dead victim linked to very probative evidence of systematic abuse and various recantations of prior allegations of abuse.
Shortly after the massacre, jailed Islamist militant leaders published recantations of violence.
I suspect, however, that it is only a matter of time before some New Age or Christian publishing huckster sees the lucre to be made by publishing the spurious recantations of dead atheists and freethinkers.
While the exact cause is not understood, other may be a link between recantations of the fibrous within the wall of the stomach muscle.
Recantations were not only driven by a fear of death but also by the fact that the restoration of freedom made it possible to continue supporting an Anabaptist community.
Having been castigated as a backward-looking little Englander for opposing this half-witted project, I hope I may be forgiven a moment of quiet satisfaction as I read the recantations of many of the scheme's cheerleaders; there was a particular corker in one of the Sunday papers from the former editor of the Financial Times.
The worry concerns not the sincerity of the recantations, but the risk that party is being denied the difficult and challenging discussion it needs to have about the realities of power and the barriers to progressive reform.
Unlike, traditional forms of communication such as advertising, PR or even direct mailers, there is nobody in between, no third-party filtering and no time for reflections or recantations.