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As in the matter of abortion, any Catholic politician who would promote so-called 'same-sex marriage' and any Catholic who would vote for that political candidate place themselves outside the full communion of the Church and may not receive Holy Communion until they have recanted their positions and been reconciled with the Sacrament of Penance," Sheridan wrote.
26) In other words, Foxe printed Askew's confession because it undermined, or appeared to undermine, the claim that she had recanted.
She recanted in a subsequent Globe column, still thinking of Langer as immature but praising him as immensely talented and shying away from any imputation that censorship was needed to deal with people like him.
Yet in subsequent interviews with the British press, Sands has again recanted (albeit not under oath).
In a supreme irony, the "eyewitness" who recanted was charged with perjury for telling the truth.
Nepoose, Windspeaker readers will remember, was wrongfully convicted of the 1986 murder of Marie Rose Desjarlais and spent five years in prison before a witness recanted the testimony that convicted him.
Once the case got to trial, however, both witnesses recanted their identifications when they took the stand to testify.
During the trial, some witnesses recanted their testimony, and volunteer officers acting as defense attorneys motioned to have certain evidence suppressed.
And, of course, he has done all he can to forestall suspicions of any hidden tendency to senile soft-heartedness: he denounced unwed mothers, recanted his former support for affirmative action, and firmly advocated the citizen's right to bear AK-47s.
Witnesses who testified as children recanted their trial testimony and Stoll was exonerated in April 2004 after Kern County Superior Court Judge John Kelley ruled that techniques investigators used to question the children two decades ago "resulted in unreliable testimony.
Antepuesto, facing the court, recanted his earlier testimony and said that he was coerced by the police to implicate Espinosa in the case.
The 11th RTC Branch 3 in Nabunturan town dropped the double murder and frustrated murder charges filed against Pond after three complainants recanted and filed affidavits of desistance.