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Witnesses have a high rate of recanting because of fear or threats in kidnapping for ransom cases, Khan said.
Mohammed-Ali Dadkhah, told the court that the repeated demand for recanting is against both Iranian law and the Constitution.
39] Significantly, her examination by both ecclesiastical authorities and members of the Privy Council enacts a battle over which voice will prevail -- whether she will maintain her Protestant/heretical identity or whether she will conform to the will of the church and state officials by recanting.
Barely restraining himself throughout his recanting of the ugly Ugandan coffee dealings, Pendergrast lets loose on Saks, writing in a footnote: "Perhaps Saks could have given these instructions to the Ugandans in their concentration camps.
These factors - McPhilemy's reputation as a journalist, his lack of Irish Republican sympathies, his initial reluctance to do the program at all, the two confidential sources, the patent inconsistencies in his major source's recanting, and the numerous (if anonymous) former RUC officers who supposedly confirm RUC complicity in the unsolved assassinations - have a direct bearing on the likely outcome of any libel suit brought into an American court.
The FBI's admission last week that combustible tear gas was used, recanting six years of claims to the contrary, has provoked furore.
Why, we even see the president clutching the Bible as a prop for the mendacious recanting of his sins.
Prosecutors in February requested a probe into allegations that a defence investigator and other people tried to bribe prosecution witnesses into recanting their evidence.
Hussam was considered one of the main witnesses in the investigation of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri's murder before recanting his testimony.