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Because recanting has become so prevalent, more law enforcement agencies are taking aggressive steps to capture the victim's original statement for fear she will back out later.
Mohammed-Ali Dadkhah, told the court that the repeated demand for recanting is against both Iranian law and the Constitution.
[39] Significantly, her examination by both ecclesiastical authorities and members of the Privy Council enacts a battle over which voice will prevail -- whether she will maintain her Protestant/heretical identity or whether she will conform to the will of the church and state officials by recanting. [40]
A few months later, Hussam held a news conference in Damascus, recanting his testimony and lashing out at Saad Hariri and the March 14 coalition.
Prosecutors in February requested a probe into allegations that a defence investigator and other people tried to bribe prosecution witnesses into recanting their evidence.
But, she ended up recanting her story in prison after being taken out of solitary confinement and being put in a cell with two of the seven leaders of the minority Baha'i community--Mahvash and Fariba.
If he spoke the required "recanting" words, I guess that would satisfy Rome.
The subtitle, "Palinodia michelangiolesca," indicates less a "recanting" than a reconsideration of some of the author's hypotheses and attributions.
Topacio hypothesized that this 'recanting' rumor is a feeble attempt to 'weaken the case against De Lima.'
Hussam was considered one of the main witnesses in the investigation of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri's murder before recanting his testimony.
The "or else" tone in the Vatican demand for recanting, with a specific timeline of 30 days, is also perplexing.
You no longer call a liar a man who confesses to recanting his lie for the same reason that a sinner who repents could become a saint.