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39] Significantly, her examination by both ecclesiastical authorities and members of the Privy Council enacts a battle over which voice will prevail -- whether she will maintain her Protestant/heretical identity or whether she will conform to the will of the church and state officials by recanting.
The "or else" tone in the Vatican demand for recanting, with a specific timeline of 30 days, is also perplexing.
Galo Bobares, Max Miro and Brian Zaldivar-described as Espinosa's 'trusted men'-executed new affidavits recanting previous statements allegedly made under duress.
Posting on Internet news site Improv Review, recanting an earlier story that Carey would host an all-improv ``Saturday Night Live'' finale.
Earlier in the day, Carney testified that he had a cassette tape recording of one of his accusers recanting her accusations against him.
Carney accused sheriff's investigators of destroying a cassette tape which he said recorded the neighbor girl recanting her accusation in 1997.
The lawsuit argues that Saldivar's alleged confession to police, coupled with his appearances on television recanting the statements, amounted to ``outrageous conduct'' that caused family members unnecessary distress.
The next morning, the victim is on the phone recanting her story.
After recanting his confession on television, the 28-year-old Tujunga resident says he's now living as a recluse, reflecting and wondering what's next.
More than two-thirds of women who file domestic violence complaints wind up recanting or vanishing at trial, experts say.