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If the witness repudiates his affidavit or recants his statements therein or gives testimony contradicting or altering substantially the tenor of his affidavit, the proceeding shall be terminated and the petition dismissed without prejudice to the prosecution of the witness for perjury.
LAFCO may be withholding action until they see if the Newhall County Water District recants their previous resolution.
Shepard argues, less conventionally, that "Faustus also recants the antitheatrical axioms in Tambulaine and elsewhere that players have nothing to contribute to state security" (15).
The text blithely refers often to the PR profession and then recants slightly.
In many cases, the witness recants his or her out-of-court identification of the accused.
There are also selections that show nastiness (read "A Lunatic or a Traitor" on Marcus Garvey), naivete ("Socialism and the Negro Problem," in which he praises the dictator Stalin) and contrition ("Talented Tenth: A Memorial Address," in which he recants his naive, elitist idea for the uplifting of the race).