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That individual development does, in fact, recapitulate historical development is, curiously, taken for a positive fact by those College English essayists who either strongly imply or explicitly assert that the last thing we should let students attain is "objectivity." These writers appear actually to possess an understanding of what the leap from oral to written language demands and what it entails.
The former recommends an accessible, organized medical database, one that actually recapitulates the medical logic used in comprehensive care.
Yet more interesting in this regard (or at least more interesting than any checklist) was the degree to which the exhibition's conception seemed to recapitulate several of the theoretical impulses behind Bourriaud and Sans's Palais de Tokyo--including the fundamental acknowledgment that developments in technology during the past decade (and the corporate strategies for disseminating them) have continually altered the fabric of our experience and, more specifically, have made the kinds of time we encounter (and that artists, like "film editors," produce) more variable and diverse.
"What we're all trying to do is recapitulate the properties of a small virus," says Francis Szoka of the University of California, San Francisco.
As new observations about human cancer biology emerge, additional mouse germline or other engineering approaches may be needed to recapitulate them in mice.
And it's important to recapitulate and see what these developments mean for the future, especially with the presidential election imminent.
They recapitulate and develop these assumptions about the role of language and social practice across a wide range of topics, covering epistemology, philosophy of mind, moral and political philosophy, intellectual and cultural history.
De Man's "allegories of reading" explore the inability of interpretation to do anything but recapitulate the irresolvable aporias between rhetorical figures and meaning that characterize all texts.
This is mainly due to a lack of suitable human in vitro models of the airway which recapitulate the complex in vivo situation accurately.
"ArunA's novel human stem cell based systems recapitulate the human brain condition and could potentially reduce animal model use with translatable human high throughput screening in a dish.
NEW YORK, N.Y., December 5, 2013 -- Scientists have developed a new method for converting induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) into nerve cells that recapitulate features associated with aging as well as Parkinson's disease.
The BioMAP models also recapitulate interactions between tumour cells, stromal and/or vascular tissue and recruited, infiltrating immune cells to the tumour, said Ellen Berg, scientific director and general manager of DiscoveRx's unit, BioSeek.