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If you will allow me to recapitulate, it was like this: when you parted, you were as magnanimous as could possibly be; you were ready to give her everything--freedom, divorce even.
button, a black hat with a cockade to it, a pink striped waistcoat, light breeches and gaiters, and a variety of other necessaries, too numerous to recapitulate.
He stressed the need to recapitulate sacrifices made by India's forefathers in attaining independence, as well as the need to safeguard it.
Because the models most often available to us today do not recapitulate human disease, we can't fully understand the mechanisms behind many intestinal disorders, which means that the drugs and therapies we validate in animal models often fail to be effective when tested in humans," said Donald Ingber, Wyss Founding Director and lead researcher.
The company said because they are human cells, they better recapitulate human biology and therefore are better predictors of drug candidate responses than current cell models.
Such disease-specific stem cells offer an unprecedented opportunity to recapitulate both normal and pathologic human tissue formation in vitro, thereby enabling disease investigation and drug development.
It combines music you can dance to with lyrics that recapitulate the boomer experience of rebellion, idealism, and subsequent cynicism--all leading to that mysterious moment when you find yourself suddenly an adult, with a vocation and responsibilities, asking, "How did I get here?
It also allows Wirz to recapitulate an emblematic gay man's life before and during the epidemic.
It is an occasion to recapitulate the past in a way that seeks what has been lost and that which might be recovered.
The Duke researchers set up such a model using PC12 cells, a tumor cell line that originates from a neuronal phenotype and that can recapitulate all the major phases of neurodevelopment thought to be targets for chlorpyrifos.
Most mesmerizing of all, though, are the small keys that spell out and recapitulate the schemas of the drawings, deftly rejuvenating the coincidence of linguistic proposition and physical execution so prized by Conceptualism.
To recapitulate, the first polarized SUSANS instrument spanning Q > [10.