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The transient ciliostasis that was seen with exposure to e-liquid was recapitulated by exposure to cinnamaldehyde alone.
OsteoTE not only recapitulated the cortical and cancellous architecture of native uninjured bone, but also regenerated bone with function and composition reflective of native bone, the company said.
The end of the book pursues the eventual human element of this story: how increasing complexity produced the human brain, how we've recapitulated this opera of diversification in our cultures through similar dynamics of competition and cooperation, and how we are ultimately affecting the biodiversity around us.
"It is not fitness of things to precisely lay down as to what is transpiring these days at the Red Zone, as the predicament is so well known and widely reported in printed and electronic media so as to be recapitulated," the request read.
Finally the cultural context of medicine is discussed and the role of the goddess in medical literature is recapitulated.
Milne also recapitulated the testimony of Omar Fayoumi, an employee at HSBC bank, and a summary for the witness Fatima Qadami who was present at the scene of the crime and who got injured by the explosion.
After exposure to progerin, these neurons recapitulated disease-related features, including neuronal degeneration and cell death as well as mitochondrial defects.
Like many modern abortionists, Haeckel rejected the theory that states that human life begins at conception, and erroneously claimed that embryological development (ontogeny) recapitulated evolutionary ancestry (phylogeny); that each individual person, as it develops from conception to adulthood passes through the evolutionary stages of its ancestors, (the recapitulation theory).
Borisov recapitulated by saying that surging virulent attacks against him were only showing other parties' helplessness ahead of the coming July general elections.
The 20-year-old single mother recapitulated in the story of 'deception and disappointment', how on a camping trip with Johnston she had broken her vows of not to lose her virginity before marriage, reports the Telegraph.