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Malthus' convictions about social progress and the value of controlling base passions were embedded primarily in his desire to educate the poor, and Murray does not recapitulate this part of his program.
The first four sections of the poem deal respectively with the general sterility of the "living dead,' the particular fear of reality and of the eyes of judgment, the desolation of the world between birth and death, and the faint hope for the appearance of the "perpetual star" and "multifoliate rose"; the fifth section recapitulates the themes of the first four in an alternation of fragmentary phrases.
The former recommends an accessible, organized medical database, one that actually recapitulates the medical logic used in comprehensive care.
In the introduction to his volume of collected essays and addresses, Writing in a State of Siege: Essays on Politics and Literature, Afrikaner novelist Andre Brink recapitulates the personal history that brought him, with J.
Finally, the last section recapitulates the bookAEs title, emphasizing the need to set one's own standards of success and reinterpret setbacks to one's advantage.
Each chapter has "looking back and moving forward" summary sections explicitly linking successive chapters, and the conclusion recapitulates the "moving forward" theme.
In the final chapter, Mann recapitulates his earlier conclusions.
There is no question that Hodgkin is a vitalist and that aesthetic painting is alive and well in his work, but one has to consider the possibility that his work decadently recapitulates its own history (of which Hodgkin is quite conscious).
Chapter 9, "Epilogue: The Triumph of the Carnivalesque," recapitulates the author's insistence on Bakhtinian categories in interpreting Basile's fiction.
The relationship between Morrison's Song of Solomon and the biblical Song of Solomon also recapitulates the New Testament's relationship to the "Old" Testament.