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But a Dennis painting never feels like it's just recapitulating one of Rauschenberg's gestures.
An extended account of his youth precedes three sections, each recapitulating the same chronological sequence, but differing by theme: family affairs, public officeholding, the wider social milieu.
Brother Jack asks, recapitulating the cruel call-and-response format of the battle royal speech.
If there is a flaw in this work, it is that occasionally her narratives recapitulating a film or book are excessively detailed.
Recapitulating James Blumstein's role as lone advocate of the industry's perspective is Janet George, RN, vice-president for quality improvement at Manor Care, Inc.
By recapitulating the anatomy of the nervous system, the company's products are expected to bridge lost nervous tissue and jump-start regenerative mechanisms to achieve levels of functional recovery not possible with current technologies.
Finally she returns to her critique of cultural relativism in cases of human rights before recapitulating her assessment of women's oppression.
Researchers have recently become focused on recapitulating a century's worth of chemistry in an utterly new way.