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More recently, Whitmarsh (2009) has provided a very different reading of the recapitulation. Unlike Bowie, Whitmarsh does not see closure as Chariton's aim, but book structure plays a major role in his thinking too.
Volume Name Institution Title 35 Joshua University of A Problematic Alliance: Garrison Wisconsin-Oshkosh Colonial Anthropology, Recapitulation Theory, and G.
In the preparation to the recapitulation, a rhythmic diminution of the neighbor-tone motive constitutes much of the moving eighth-note line.
However unpalatable such stereotyping and racism are, Gould (1996) points out that they were an essential part of recapitulation theory and could not be separated from it.
Irenaeus says that sin's consequences are overcome and reversed by Christ's act of recapitulation. The Saviour's recapitulation is a repetition and renewal of God's work of creating humanity and a reversal of the fall of our first parents, but it is also a summation.
Ernst Haeckel's doctrine of embryonic recapitulation (that ontogeny provides a brief review of phylogeny) seems a harmless enough topic; however, few biologists have remained neutral to it (Blackwell, 2001).
The longest story, a fictionalized recapitulation of the life of Alexander Hamilton, is told in three successive parts.
The overt representation of this human/machine interaction in Soft Materials suggests a way of understanding the fascination with modernism that pervades Martin's work as something that goes beyond simple nostalgia or stylistic recapitulation. Soft Materials merely plays out before the camera the coupling of human and mechanical that the very act of filming puts into practice.
Hong Kong influenza immunologic recapitulation. Am J Epidemiol.
The recapitulation by the two brilliant announcers: "All of this goes to show you what can be accomplished by a brilliant manager who will do all the homework for his players."
Most of the book is a brilliant recapitulation of the history of American education, written from Zoch's perspective as a seasoned classroom teacher.
But here, like a catchy melody in the hands of Andrew Lloyd Weber, it is so stretched, burdened with a narrative responsibility so far beyond its powers, that it soon grates as badly as the 12th recapitulation of the "Music of the Night" theme.