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limit would require the incorporation of recapitulative microcosms into
Another novelty--again with a lot of work for the IT department--is the obligation (contained in article 262) to submit an annual recapitulative statement.
Thus, adjoined to the rational structure of the recapitulative annotation is an inevitable rhetorical glaze, or gloss.
To properly grasp to what extent the students really learned during this teaching initiative, we also decided to give students a final recapitulative exam at the end of the project.
I'll end with a recapitulative quotation from a World War II-era general (and an apology to those who know it and might have seen it coming): "There is no type of human endeavor where it is so important that the leader understands all phases of his job as that of the profession of arms.
Digital notices, digital returns, digital periodic and recapitulative statements.
A gem of a book, in an imaginative style: evangelistic, recapitulative, apologetic.
Although the main clause is in the past, the present tense is usually used to describe one's thoughts (our data did not include other variants), which points to the recapitulative nature of the clause.