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203) Registration and all notifications about changes in status, (204) statements and recapitulative statements, (205) filing of returns, (206) payments of VAT amounts due and collected, (207) and even communications by the Member State to the non-established taxpayer, (208) must be in electronic form.
Le second tableau presente une liste recapitulative de tous les membres de la famille royale d'Ur, une centaine de personnes dont l'inventaire a pu etre dresse grace a la collaboration de D.
In this recapitulative chapter he presents "a patchwork of provable facts, theories generally accepted by Bronte scholars, and conjecture based on my previous arguments," and warns that what he says here varies considerably in degree of evidential support.
It is a person-aspect or recapitulative pronoun that belongs to the "comment" segment or portion (Kraft & Kirk-Greene, 1979, pp.
The book begins with a recapitulative introduction which takes us through this latest doctrine in summary form.
Rushdie's collapse of nation and citizen centrally depends on a cultural understanding of the subject as corporeal, recapitulative, and porous.
One should also take into account, particularly with the novel, but equally so with the drama, the relations of anteriority or posterity of a character or situation with regard to everything surrounding it, of moments when a motif appears or disappears, of the elaboration or accumulation of themes, of preparatory foreshadowings and recapitulative repetitions, of possible uses for the reader's memory or expectation, and, obviously, of effects of rhythm or tempo.
48] It is wordplay of this kind, cumulative and recapitulative, which structures Bataille's text and prevents the pornographic incidents from becoming merely picaresque and isolated.
In the three larger subdivisions of the climactic and recapitulative section (measures 307-86), the interval-1 motive (or intervals 11 and 13) again plays a dominant role.
1989); Perrot and Robert (1989) have edited a new printing of the recapitulative volume of the period 1826-80, first published in (3) For a bibliography, already somewhat dated, see Robert and Levy (1985) and Robert and Levy (1986).
The results show that recap's markers constitute a wide paradigm, but with a clear predominance of al final and o sea, they are the most frequent; also, o sea as recapitulative marker is more used by informants of upper middle socioeconomic group.
His view of the evolution of consciousness is, as we shall see, in many ways recapitulative.