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16, 2008) was introduced, amending this annual recapitulative statement and turning it into a monthly obligation.
(203) Registration and all notifications about changes in status, (204) statements and recapitulative statements, (205) filing of returns, (206) payments of VAT amounts due and collected, (207) and even communications by the Member State to the non-established taxpayer, (208) must be in electronic form.
A gem of a book, in an imaginative style: evangelistic, recapitulative, apologetic.
Cette liste recapitulative des variantes de l'edition de 1830, par ailleurs egalement inclues dans le texte lui-meme au moyen d'un systeme de caractere gras, permet ainsi un reperage commode des modifications--passages supprimes ou remanies--apportees au drame pour l'adapter a la scene et repondre aux exigences de la censure.
Although the main clause is in the past, the present tense is usually used to describe one's thoughts (our data did not include other variants), which points to the recapitulative nature of the clause.
"Mind the Matter," the first chapter, has a recapitulative character.
Thus the lyric I's final discourse turns on its head virtually every element characteristic of his previous poems, foregrounding a mytho-poetics that is not only penitential, spiritual and religious, as all Petrarch scholars point out; most importantly, the penitent lover's final discourse appropriately reinterprets all the signs that express the human realities he had previously misread and misused; namely, those three fundamental human interrelationships--the triad "madre, figliuola, e sposa"--supremely exercised by Mary and recapitulative of the interrelationship the Petrarch-persona sought to, but could not, establish with Laura.
(52) SHAT, box 10H2372, 'Rapport lu par le general, commandant en chef devant la conference recapitulative des operations frontalieres', 27 Nov.
A total unity, essential or recapitulative, would have no meaning here: the equality of the ancient world creates a belonging only to receive the gesture of differentiating oneself from it, "constantly showing by one's actions that one is the best".
Recapitulative 'term reports' (bilans) are regularly supplied.
In this recapitulative chapter he presents "a patchwork of provable facts, theories generally accepted by Bronte scholars, and conjecture based on my previous arguments," and warns that what he says here varies considerably in degree of evidential support.
It is a person-aspect or recapitulative pronoun that belongs to the "comment" segment or portion (Kraft & Kirk-Greene, 1979, pp.