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Now the recast states that electronic equipment dependent on electronic or electromagnetic fields must fulfill at least one of its intended functions.
The latter proposals were some of the more extensive recommendations or questions in the recast questionnaire, as well as the Commission's attempt to address the its observation of the non-uniform level of safety in the clinical evaluations to date.
Rather, his focus is on the white men who recast the region's history and identity, a process he describes with skill.
Whether or not participants in the MF group noticed the recast at all, and subsequently whether or not they perceived the recast to be a corrective measure is in question.
The ReCast [TM] parts are described as field-proven to perform as new and to provide cost savings of up to 40 percent vs.
The lack of new construction in our region and the ability of New York City's existing owners to recast their current building financing at interest rates not experienced for decades.
MH: CFOs and financial organizations have to recast their thinking.
James Bond has to be recast every decade or so, new Starship crews must be recruited, or prequels devised to allow for fresh faces.
A prosaic brief for a huge multiscreen cinema on a nondescript suburban site has been inventively recast to evoke the escapism and glamour of another era.
Understanding the responsibility and therefore the authority of the personal physician should recast this role and bring specialized medical resources into a more responsive approach.
Indeed, even though three of the four examples (Examples 1, 2, and 4) illustrate transactions that are consistent with the subchapter K rules and are not recast by the Commissioner, the holdings are qualified by the foreboding phrase "[a]bsent other facts"--leaving one to wonder what facts may tip the scale toward recasting the transactions.