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It is, however, neither the endless permutations of the idea of a common descent nor its paradigmatic force in directing scientific research but its global reach that has made this radical recasting of biological systems a fundamental force defining the way millions of human beings conceive their relationship with the cosmos and its Creator.
The data reveal that the instructor adopted recasting and clarification requests as her principle corrective strategies in both forums.
What makes ReCasting [TM] unique is that it creates a bond interface between new and old PUR material that is as strong as the material itself.
Colonialism emerges as a central part of The Tempest, which becomes an example of how cultural domination is supported by development of bad memory, the recasting of history and forced changes in culture.
Indeed, even though three of the four examples (Examples 1, 2, and 4) illustrate transactions that are consistent with the subchapter K rules and are not recast by the Commissioner, the holdings are qualified by the foreboding phrase "[a]bsent other facts"--leaving one to wonder what facts may tip the scale toward recasting the transactions.
The rate of absorption in the Class B and Class C buildings demonstrates the remaining effects of the flight to quality, trading up for space, and recasting leases.
It seeks to reorder what we know of this history and experience to fit the pattern chosen for recasting it.
Tenders are invited for Recasting of damaged civil foundation of conveyor nc 1a & nc 1b take up guide columns, casting of civil foundations for maintenance room at ds pumps in coal yard of chp2x210mw, damaged civil foundation casting of pinion assembly in haul side of wt#1, repairing of vibro feeders damaged civil structure in wagon tippler hoppers of wagon tippler #3&4, recasting of damaged civil foundation of conveyor rbc#1a&b take up guide columns, recasting of damaged civil wall of wt#4, and recasting of damaged civil posts of conv.
The European Commission has welcomed this backing for its proposal, which is intended to simplify European legislation on life insurance by recasting into a single text all the existing directives in this area.
Information is offered on SUNcast's ReCasting, the choice of pipeline companies that together operate over 60,000 miles of pipeline worldwide.