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Direct repetition recasts and yes-recasts were consistent with past research that recasting leads to less student correction than more explicit forms of correction for the MF group.
While the written medium should assist the learners in recognizing such recasts of all sorts, the key to recognizing the feedback underlying the recast seemed to be the focus of the forum.
Interrogative recasts allowed the instructor to offer corrective feedback to the students without interrupting the communicative flow.
The MF data show no indication that the interrogative recasts had their desired effect.
While the consequences of her feedback choices support past research that recasting results in less self correction by students than explicit forms of correction (Lyster and Ranta, 1997), this is true for salient recasts in FMF and MF forum, somewhat true for direct repetition and yes-recasts and likely untrue for interrogative recasts in FMF SCMC.
Assuming that a transaction (i) complies with the literal requirements of the Internal Revenue Code and (ii) survives the various judicial tests for determining the bona fides of transactions, may the Secretary and Commissioner arrogate to themselves--especially through interpretative regulations that seemingly disregard the taxpayer's compliance with the literal terms of statutes, case law, and other regulations--the power to recast such a transaction?
701-2(d), the assignment-of-income doctrine, the clear-reflection-of-income principle, and the statutory authority of section 482 provide ample means for the Commissioner to attack and recast transactions.
Over $47 billion of prime and Alt-A RMBS collateral is due to recast over the next 12 months from an IO payment to a fully amortizing payment.
As interest rates are at historic lows, some Prime and Alt-A loans which had high initial rates but low margins will not experience a payment shock at recast even when considering the principal repayment component.
Of the $189 billion securitized Option ARM loans outstanding, 88% have yet to experience a recast event, though it should be noted that Fitch rated only approximately 5% of Option ARM transactions.
Total 30+ day delinquencies are now 46%, despite the fact that only 12% have recast and experienced an associated payment shock.
However, because this product features lower MMP payments than would be available after recast, even with substantially favorable modification terms, there may still be material payment shock.