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BEIRUT: Hot winds that blew through Lebanon and caused forest fires across the country will considerably recede Wednesday and temperatures are expected to drop, meteorologists told The Daily Star.
A See your dentist because when the gums recede, teeth may eventually become loose and in severe cases they may have to be extracted.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel was on her way to the city, where waters were expected to recede by another 2 meters (yards) by midday.
But as in Eugene, the river began to recede after 5 p.
Tidal forces are slowing Earth's spin and causing the Moon to recede.
Former nickel trader Martin Abbott, now publisher of American Metal Market, New York, said several potential problems could cause nickel demand and pricing to recede in the next several years, though emerging industrial economies in China and India remain formidable growth factors.
About half the scenes show the great cities and bridges that have sprung up along the route, making the old expedition recede ever farther in the past.
This kind of commitment, I would argue, is ultimately essential to keep the historians who prefer to dip into social history adequately informed and stimulated, to prevent them from letting the social history materials recede further into the background, and to provide them with updated findings; essential as well to provide a wider framework for the special topics research, which otherwise risks still further fragmentation and an inability to deal with basic issues in chronology and causation.
Tim Robbins may complain about being shunted aside by the media, but he should recede to the background to advance his causes ("Tim Robbins, Defiant," by David L.
When drawing in line, the artist presses down firmly in order to create a dark line that appears to come forward; and lets up on the pencil to make a lighter line that appears to recede.
The patient noticed soon after getting the oral barbell that her gums started to recede progressively in the area of the piercing.
They don't recede because they're getting colder, you know what I'm saying?