recede from view

See: disappear
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The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - a trade deal between the US and the EU that had been feared by some as exposing the NHS to marketisation - is likely to recede from view, as Britain 'takes back' its 'sovereignty'.
But Young, decided to recede from view and fixed the terms of his own neglect.
Market forces predominate and the public benefits of and responsibilities for higher education recede from view.
Otherwise, it may seem a case of greed, at a time when the relatively cheap food we have had for some years now is beginning to recede from view.
He later recalled that all that went through his mind as he watched the shore line recede from view was what fun the newspapers would have the next day detailing his demise on the back of a giant whale.
Despite this mysterious melody the dish began to recede from view and this was no mean feat for my petite partner, consisting as it did of two imposing fillets of fish accompanied by a shoal of prawns.
For many people having mystical experiences, physical objects recede from view in the wake of feelings of peace, joy, and having encountered the sacred or divine, Wulff reports.
As the introductory remarks recede from view, readers will indeed find perceptive and illuminating analyses of these texts.
My attentive butler Paul prepared my State compartment - lounge by day, bedroom by night - while I sat on the deck sipping champagne (almost expecting Hercule Poirot to appear) and watching Bangkok recede from view.