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Summary: When the water recedes, cracked earth, stumps of trees, eroded remnants of houses and religious structures, broken remains of household items, water can...
Klang Zone Fire and Rescue chief Samsol Maarif Saibani said the phenomenon occurs every time the high tide recedes on the fishing island.
He, therefore, advised farmers to use water that recedes from the flood to replant rice to avoid shortage of the crop next year.
It has all but abandoned millions of learners and their parents and have sacrificed their futures on the altar of private profit,' Anakbayan Secretary General Einstein Recedes said.
"There is nothing progressive about a program that will disadvantage poor drivers and hasten the corporate takeover of the transport sector," Anakbayan secretary general Einstein Recedes stressed.
Once the water level recedes, the bridge will be opened to rail traffic," the official said.
Fish can sometimes become trapped on the racecourse after a flood event when the water recedes. A large hand net was used to capture two large bream and a small common carp, and the fish were released back into the River Severn.
Weather report: General status: Snow storm which dominated over the Mediterranean Eastern basin during the past few days recedes.
Saito said that when the current risk-on sentiment recedes, the euro is expected to fall further against the dollar, expecting the single European currency to slip below the $1.300 line.
He also said that various district authorities have been directed to intensify relief and rescue operations and the medical care authorities have been ordered to prevent the outbreak of epidemics after the water recedes from the flood-hit regions.
I see many folks working way too hard at it, plowing their rakes into uncovered sand well after the backwash recedes rather than letting the water work for them.
If the gum recedes (you get long in the tooth) the root of the tooth becomes exposed causing pain and the tooth to loosen.