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One of the best ways to avoid long accounts receivable timelines is by doing due diligence on your customers up front.
This due diligence will Focus on (1) conframing the potential borrower's accounts receivable, (2) analyzing third-party payers/reviewing regulatory compliance, and (3) performing financial analysis of operations.
448(d)(5) temporary regulations as a way to compute bad-debt experience, but was replaced in the amended temporary regulations with the generally less favorable six-year moving-average method (which requires a taxpayer to use total sales versus year-end accounts receivable in determining its uncollectible experience).
Moreover, simply making a journal entry will create an imbalance in the general ledger; it will not agree with the sales journal or accounts receivable detail.
TEI recommends that each year's receivable be treated separately and that payments (whether actual payments or recharacterized dividends) be applied on a first-in/first out (FIFO) basis against the receivable created, i.
To do this, determine the total dollar value of your accounts receivable and the average daily amount of your daily sales on credit.
An account receivable is a contractual right to receive money; thus, it is property.
Because the current standard makes clear the presumption that auditors need to confirm accounts receivable, practitioners must document carefully when they have not sent confirmations.