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improve access to the Wilken Grain Receival Centre at Warracknabeal
Intentionally codifying the elements of an ideological text, receival will take place according to interests and needs, motivations and inhibitions.
Thus the Strategy announces the implementation of periodic organisational self-assessments of the use of integrity measures such as "assets declaration, respecting the rules which bind the receival of gifts, managing conflicts of interests, incompatibilities, ethical and deonthological codes, decisional transparency, access to information of public interest, managing public funds, public procurement, random repartition of files or office duties, personnel selection and promotion procedures" (13) completed by "a mechanism dealing with thematic assessment missions made by mixt teams, constituted by experts of different public institutions and nongovernmental organizations" (14), thus drawing onto the international practices.
The Supreme Court during last month had directed the Law minister to produce the documentary evidences regarding sending of letter to Swiss authorities, receipt of sending the letter to and its receival by the AG Swiss office.
Thus, the UN, as well as the other supporters of the idea of humanitarian intervention and human security, such as Canada, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, or the Netherlands, replaced it with the notion of responibility to protect, hoping for a better receival from the part of the reluctant States.
They are so joyful and the receival of me and welcoming at the airport was so beautiful and I wish I could have stayed and signed every single autograph.
The rate of receival of magazines (mainly) is correlated to the evaluation of a company's in-house effort to be kept informed on information system updates.
Western Plains Resources (ASX:WPG) today advised that Land Management Corporation (a unit of the South Australian state government) has agreed to sell, and WPG has agreed to buy, a vacant parcel of land in Port Pirie on which WPG proposes to establish a facility for the receival and transfer of iron ore.
To accomplish this, the McGowan team carefully planned the receival of long lead items manufactured out of state, including column covers and custom millwork, and closely coordinated all activities with the hotels management.
The local weighbridge at the grain receival point will be a check on the recording system.
Instrumental assessment of sprout damage in wheat at primary or terminal receival points.