receive money

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References in classic literature ?
Soon after beginning our third year's work we were surprised to receive money from three special sources, and up to the present time we have continued to receive help from them.
"A Pyncheon must not, at all events under her forefathers' roof, receive money for a morsel of bread from her only friend!"
ha!' Then both the partners laughed together--pleasantly and cheerfully, as men who are going to receive money often do.
"It is humiliating," said he, "thus to receive money given grudgingly, an uncertain supply which may soon fail.
Although, if a man were really able to instruct mankind, to receive money for giving instruction would, in my opinion, be an honour to him.
OneWest Bank, CIT's Southern California branch network, announced Zelle is now available in its mobile banking app, providing customers a fast, safe and easy way to send and receive money with friends, family and others they trust.
It is not enough to disclose that they receive money from candidates,' he said.
'There will be a complaint already because they (members) can no longer receive money,' he added.
'As far as I am concerned, I did not receive money from 1MDB and up until now I have yet to receive any calls from the police,' the Umno treasurer was quoted as saying.
Uzbek commercial bank "UniversalBank" has offered its clients the opportunity to receive money transfers to UzCard card of any bank without the need to visit the bank, "" reported.
Serving over 17 million people a week, The Post Office is a MoneyGram agent allowing customers to receive money conveniently and send funds directly to more than two billion bank accounts and mobile wallets or, to any MoneyGram location in over 200 countries and territories worldwide.