receive notice

See: beware
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Sarwar was astonished to receive notice from the FBR.
Upon it Court remarked, 'You should receive notice just now '.
Our condominium association has adopted a rule permitting owners to consent to receive notice electronically, and to conduct business by acceptable technological means.
Stockholders of record of Spectrum Brands as of the close of business on May 17, 2018 will be entitled to receive notice of and vote at the Spectrum special meeting.
However, the school administration showed resistance and refused to receive notice after which five members committee was constituted to pay a visit.
this Bid, you should also receive notice of any addenda issued.
Taxpayers who receive Notice 972CG, with any of the forms listed, are urged to respond to the IRS campus as directed in the notice to obtain a waiver of the penalties.
All shareholders of record at the close of business on 8 April 2013 will be entitled to receive notice of and to vote at the annual general meeting.
Novadx expects to shortly receive notice from the Office of Surface Mining (OSM) confirming the requisite reclamation bond amount that will be required.
NextWave added that all shareholders of record at the close of business on 13 April 2011 can vote and receive notice of the annual meeting that will take place at 09:00 ET on24 May 2011.
But Clyde also have a David Mackay in their Under-19 squad and he was shocked to receive notice through the post that his papers had been cancelled.
Section 6015(e)(4) says a nonelecting spouse shall receive notice and have the opportunity to become a party to any proceeding the electing spouse brings.