receive payment

See: collect
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Then he remembered that on the 9th he had to receive payment from the butcher for his oxen.
Summary: The ripple effect of the low oil price continues to be felt as businesses report having to wait beyond the agreed terms to receive payment
The step would help to ensure mandatory presence of beneficiary to receive payment making her financially more empowered, he told reporter.
Summary: CAIRO - Egypt will receive payment facilities from American and European suppliers of wheat, an Egyptian newspaper on Saturday quoted minister of supplies Bassem Ouda as saying, as the world's biggest wheat importer struggles to pay for imports.
All shareholders of record at the close of business on 7 September 2012 are entitled to receive payment on 21 September 2012.
Members could elect to receive payment in November of the current year or January of the following year.
With the service, PAYGENT serves as an auction intermediary between bidders and sellers, by ensuring that sellers can send their goods to bidders only after confirming bidder's payment while sellers can receive payment only after confirming bidders' receipt of goods.
Under the SNF PPS consolidated billing provision, outside suppliers are supposed to bill and receive payment from the SNF rather than Medicare for services rendered to a beneficiary during a Part A stay.
taxpayer, whose taxable income has been increased by reason of an allocation under section 482 of the Internal Revenue Code, to receive payment from the related entity from (or to) which the allocation of income (or deduction) was made, without having the receipt of such payment considered a taxable distribution for federal income tax purposes.
Entering into a binding contract to receive payment in a year other than the year a noninstallment sales transaction is completed may avoid application of the constructive receipt doctrine in the transaction year.