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TO RECEIVE. Voluntarily to take from another what is offered.
     2. A landlord, for example, could not be said to receive the key from his tenant, when the latter left it at his house without his knowledge, unless by his acts afterwards, he should be presumed to have given his consent.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Also, the client can receive conditional cash deposits during the escrow period and not have to pay any tax on these received cash deposits until the sale of the purchase contract closes, at which time the client receives long-term capital gain treatment on these previously received cash deposits.
The Third Circuit reversed, holding that "despite language in the benefit plan aimed to cast a broad net as to what constitutes receiving medical care for a 'pre-existing condition,' McLeod did not receive treatment 'for' such a preexisting condition prior to her effective date of coverage because neither she nor her physicians either knew or suspected that the symptoms she was experiencing were in any way connected with MS."
the communicant receives the host in his hand and brings it to his mouth.
Do you know someone who receives Social Security benefits and is not retired?
If the replacement property improvements are constructed after the client receives the replacement property in a completed forward exchange, they Hill not qualify under Sec.
4 Understand that the player who sets the screen / pick often has an equal if not better chance to get open than the player who receives the screen / pick.
Stroger said the number of employee contributions he receives may be higher because he runs a political organization as well as the county government.
WASHINGTON-In October, Tony Cooper (I), MacKenzie Castings, Inc., receives a past chairman appreciation [plaque; Fred Corpuz (ctr), Foseco Metallurgical, Inc., receives a speaker's award for his presentation on lean quality; and Chuck Kleiser, Northwest Castings, receives the Foundryman of the Month plaque.
At our second appointment, which is usually two or three days before the departure, the student receives:
But according to the laws of the State of New York, the broker's responsibility is to the seller - to achieve the best price possible for the property and the most desirable terms, regardless of who receives the commission or how much is received
The gateway operator, typically a financial institution or an entity working with one, receives these entries along with domestic payments sent to its own account holders.
(36) The author recognizes that an argument can be made that any time a victim receives damages for lost wages, he receives a windfall to the extent that the recovery will not be subject to taxation.