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TO RECEIVE. Voluntarily to take from another what is offered.
     2. A landlord, for example, could not be said to receive the key from his tenant, when the latter left it at his house without his knowledge, unless by his acts afterwards, he should be presumed to have given his consent.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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individuals with HIV/AIDS, diabetes and other conditions are among those who can cite this decision if denied disability benefits based on past treatment for a "symptom" of the disease before receiving a specific diagnosis.
-- a 1.4 log drop in viral load in the subset of patients who were not receiving 3TC or FTC in their background treatment regimen versus a 0.5 log drop for the placebo patients; and
Position yourself in a receiving stance that will not block the umpire's view of the baseball.
In the further interest of this perceived egalitarian "Agape Feast" along with its advancement of human dignity, it is also required, we are told, that the communicant must now stand when receiving Holy Communion.
(There will be more people receiving benefits for longer periods of time, with fewer workers to fund the program.)
Salaries, however, will be subject to the FICA tax to both the paying (employer/buyer) and receiving (employee/selling shareholder).
Even though the program's budget had increased from $4 million to $44 million in five years, there was no change in the number of children receiving funding for therapy.
Naval Aviation News was honored in the 2003 Chief of Information Merit Awards competition, receiving 1st Place in the category Publications for a Specific Audience (Magazine Format).
Receiving honorable mentions were clarinetist Georgiy Borisov, 18; marimbist Simon Boyar, 23; and pianist Jessica Zhu, 17.
She is among the many officials receiving contributions from their workers.
He is widely respected for his contributions in research and teaching, receiving such awards as the Outstanding Researcher Award in 1995 from the University of Akron Alumni Association and the Cooperative Research Award in 2000 from the ACS Division of Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering.
Thursday: Words of encouragement from the Director of Health and Human Services, and a student-faculty quiz game with students receiving a gold pin bearing a tooth emblem.