receiving stolen goods

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Country: United States of America
State: South Carolina

What is the maximum fine for the charges of receiving stolen goods and obtaining funds under false pretenses?? The latter pertains to pawning an item that I purchased which i pawned not knowing it was stolen property.


Make sure you get counsel (or at least the public defender) to try to keep this off your record eventually--jail time is probably not likely if your record is very clear now. But having that arrest and or a conviction on your record will make job-hunting etc. more difficult. Often this could be negotiated down to some kind of court supervision etc.
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Hughie Crumlish, 18, of Beeston, Nottingham faces burglary, receiving stolen goods and abstracting electricity charges.
Two men, Kaniel Martin, 20, and Avie Howell, 17, have been charged with the couple's murder, robbery and receiving stolen goods.
Asecond woman, Francisca Baez De La Cruz, 22, has been remanded in custody charged with robbery with violence, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and receiving stolen goods.
Marsahll, of Hawthorn Drive, Brotton, was given a six months alcohol treatment programme after he pleaded guilty to two charges of receiving stolen goods.
Pleaded guilty to dishonestly receiving stolen goods on October 1.
Her mother and another woman, Daisy Freeman, were also charged with receiving stolen goods.
Craig Stephen John, 27, admitted receiving stolen goods when he appeared for trial at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court.
This week one man was sentenced to 20 weeks for stealing eight mobiles while a second received an eight week suspended sentence for receiving stolen goods.
The 29-year-old threw a quilt over the python to stop it going for his pal but ended up in court for receiving stolen goods.
He admitted charges of receiving stolen goods and fraud by false representation.
His counsel said yesterday that he should only be convicted of reset - receiving stolen goods.