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With 6A and 30 watts of total power, the Dual Type-C with Power Delivery USB Charger Receptacle offers a solution for charging PD-enabled smartphones, tablets, laptops, monitors and more, and Type A devices (adapter required).
Kgosi Moeti however, complained that although he had dug a receptacle in his farm to rectify the mistake, the farmer did not follow the required standard such as putting a plastic at the bottom of the receptacle.
Mill-Max (Oyster Bay, NY) has expanded its line of wire termination products by introducing six new pins and receptacles, three mated pairs, which facilitate the wire attachment process.
22, 2014, the device will improve "automated package delivery to mobile delivery receptacles to allow accurate and reliable package deliveries" made using "an unmanned aerial delivery device."
* Rated at 3A (AC/DC), the PCB SMT mounted plug and receptacle contacts are available in side entry configuration.
If the ball stud comes loose in its receptacle, use pliers to pinch the two labs on the friction receptacle back together.
Meltric Decontactor Series switch-rated plugs and receptacles are specifically designed to provide superior performance in the harsh environments common to the mining.
This paper aims to show that--and how--Plato's notion of the receptacle in the Timaeus provides the conditions for developing a mathematical as well as a physical space without itself being space.
The metal tailhook pin can fit neatly in between the electrical connectors of the ground-power receptacle, leaving just enough space for the ground-power cord.
The Big Red 500 also features versatile receptacle connections for 60 Hz AC generator power, allowing for the operation of common construction tools.
The Picoflex SMT header has a patent-pending latch design reported to increase the retention force between the header and receptacle by at least 50% compared to the company's standard friction-lock header, ensuring a robust and reliable connection.
Photonic Products introduced a range of high-performance, fiber-pigtailed, and receptacle packaged laser diodes suitable for OEM applications.