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Phil's chatter seemed trivial and the reception a bore.
He thought she looked a little pale when she came out of the coeds' dressing room; but as they entered the reception room her color and sparkle suddenly returned to her.
Washington and I were invited to attend a reception given by the Duke and Duchess of Sutherland, at Stafford House--said to be the finest house in London; I may add that I believe the Duchess of Sutherland is said to be the most beautiful woman in England.
The public reception was held in the Opera-House at Charleston.
That we felt a personal pride in being received as the representatives of a nation, we do not deny; that we felt a national pride in the warm cordiality of that reception, can not be doubted.
Prince Dolgorouki and a Grand Admiral or two, whom we had seen yesterday at the reception, came on board also.
She had been married during the previous winter, and being pregnant did not go to any large gatherings, but only to small receptions.
is attending my wife's reception, from which your message called me.
Some days later, I learned from Frederic Larsan--who, like ourselves, was surprised and mystified by his appearance and reception at the chateau--that Mr.
He wasn't ever expecting to go to heaven, much less that there was going to be any fuss made over him, so I reckon he was a good deal surprised when the reception broke on him.
Projectors who had discovered every kind of remedy for the little evils with which the State was touched, except the remedy of setting to work in earnest to root out a single sin, poured their distracting babble into any ears they could lay hold of, at the reception of Monseigneur.
After the reception of the princess and ambassadors, Monsieur solicited the king's permission to present to him as well as to Madame the persons belonging to their new household.