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It consisted of two kinds of wine; tea, bread, cheese, and cold meats, and was served on the centre-tables in the reception room and the verandahs--anywhere that was convenient; there was no ceremony.
You wrote that it was to be quite a small reception, and just see how badly I am dressed.
But the finest thing that has happened in my day was a year or so ago; that was Charles Peace's reception - him they called 'the Bannercross Murderer' - an Englishman.
Roy Gardner had sent her white orchids for the reception, and she knew no other Redmond girl would have them that night -- when Phil came in with admiring gaze.
At the Ambassador's reception I met, for the first time, Mark Twain.
Pontellier did not wear her usual Tuesday reception gown; she was in ordinary house dress.
His wife was giving her third reception of the session to the diplomatic world.
We will not describe the reception they got from the Royal Geographical Society, nor the intense curiosity and consideration of which they became the objects.
The ceremony made use of at the reception of a stranger is somewhat unusual; as soon as he enters, all the courtiers strike him with their cudgels till he goes back to the door; the amity then subsisting between us did not secure me from this uncouth reception, which they told me, upon my demanding the reason of it, was to show those whom they treated with that they were the bravest people in the world, and that all other nations ought to bow down before them.
From the reception room they went into the corridor.
Day after day and week after week elapsed, yet the store-house requisite for the reception of the cargo was not completed, and the ship was detained in port; while the captain was teased by frequent requisitions for various articles for the use of the establishment, or the trade with the natives.
I thought you were to have left France the day after the reception at the Elysee.