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A Education program show more active and enhanced receptive learning behaviors i.
According to the company, this new primer provides a receptive surface that will enable high-fidelity HP Indigo imprinting with minimal dot gain, excellent trap values, and strong, vibrant colors.
They are a very receptive group because, I have got to say, for the first time during my spell here as manager, on Tuesday when I changed the system two or three different times, for different parts of the game to get back a foothold or us to match them, the players responded.
Fisher said, I have had the opportunity to watch David grow Bonotel over the past 20-plus years into the premier luxury-based receptive tour operator.
Eight weeks after participants discontinued their medication, no association was apparent between perceived treatment assignment and changes in the number of partners with whom participants had recently had receptive anal intercourse: The number fell both among those who believed that they had been receiving PrEP (from 13 to four) and among those who believed that they had been receiving placebo (from eight to two).
Therefore, With regard to the acquisition of L2 vocabulary knowledge and its use, on the other hand, we also need to distinguish between receptive (passive) and productive (active) vocabulary knowledge, since these types of lexical knowledge receptive vs.
What can be added to the whole hosts of incidental vocabulary learning research is to differentiate between the notions of Receptive and Productive vocabularies in assessing learners' lexicon knowledge (Waring, 2000) by two forms of gloss during the incidental process of vocabulary learning.
A former official with the central bank of Japan has said that the apex bank would become more receptive to political pressures.
Dr Cranston was referring to the multitude of anal health complications people practicing receptive anal intercourse are likely to be dealing with in their lives and very little quality care and products that exist to relieve them.
An informational article including a holographic film layer and certain additional ink receptive coating, high-opacity blocking, security printing, image receptive coating, ultraviolet reflected core laminate, and/or adhesive layers coupled together.
They identified which females were currently receptive to male sexual attention and which were not.
Receptive Reason: Alexander of Aphrodisias on Material Intellect, MIIRA TUOMINEN