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IF (receptive IS NOT me AND discovery IS NOT me AND memoiristic IS NOT me AND significant IS NOT me AND discovery IS NOT vh AND memoiristic IS NOT vh AND significant IS NOT vh AND discovery IS NOT hi AND memoiristic IS NOT hi AND significant IS NOT hi) THEN receptive-learning IS me
Lexical knowledge has been found to be good predictor of receptive and productive skills.
The study involved 326 gay or bisexual men who came to an STD clinic between November 2010 and December 2011 and reported having receptive anal sex in the past year.
Despite a less receptive mindset, 84 percent of those older than 55 say they are comfortable talking to their financial advisor about taxes.
Taking the notions of Receptive and Productive vocabulary assessment into consideration, it seems to be necessary to conduct a research to gain insight into the effects of incidental vocabulary learning via L1 and L2 glosses on the growth of words' knowledge among the learners on the one hand, and to investigate the differences between the types of glosses on the other hand.
Political pressure will remain strong on the central bank to ease policy further, but today's statement confirms that the BOJ will become more receptive to that pressure.
One of the desired products for anal health and hygiene is the one which can protect people who have receptive anal sex from contracting STIs including HIV, such as rectal microbicides.
They found that non-receptive females spent significantly more time with receptive, and therefore more sexually attractive, females and that, by doing so, they received far less attention from males.
According to Alexander of Aphrodisias, our potential intellect is a purely receptive capacity.
One of the Centre's first collaborative initiatives has been a project entitled "Receptive Ecumenism and Catholic Learning," the result of which is a handsomely produced and hefty treasure trove of insights and information certain to provide hope to professional ecumenists.
and coinvestigator in the over all study, presented the effect on expressive and receptive language development among 234 children who were 3 years old at the time of assessment.
Studies devoted to lexis in second or foreign language acquisition have pointed out the importance of determining the receptive and productive vocabulary size of L2 learners in primary, secondary and university contexts.