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The program is being offered in part responsive to a recent shareholders survey in which many smaller shareholders indicated receptiveness to disposing of their shares at market price if they could do so without incurring brokerage or similar costs.
This receptiveness, however, was short-lived as expectations of an economic slowdown were first reflected in the decline in the Dow and S&P 500 during late July.
Public safety - Private right: the public-private divide and receptiveness of employees to right-wing extremism in Flanders (Belgium), Yves De Weerdt and Hans De Witte
Later, he considers the possible benefits of a World Economic Equalization Program entailing large-scale transfers of new generalized capital investment from rich nations to poor nations, addresses problems of representation and voting in a potential world government, and measures the receptiveness of international relations specialists to the idea of global government.
ONE KEY TO SUCCESS AT OCPAC IS balancing the fare and refusing to underestimate the community's receptiveness.
With a little practice and greater receptiveness, most of us can become more successful at unearthing or developing creative solutions.
The legislation faces uncertain odds in the House, where there have been conflicting signals about lawmakers' receptiveness to gun control.
If I come to these images with no particular expectation or desire, though, and with the utmost openness and receptiveness, then I find myself able to take great pleasure in their inexhaustible vacuity.
Nonetheless, as a significant addition to the study of opinion - simply highlighting foreign affairs - Stone's work should make an impact on the field, even though the latter's receptiveness to his comprehensive view is likely to be limited.

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