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They found that miRNA played a role in influencing endometrial receptivity through regulating the relevant genes' expression.
The stigmatic receptivity (%) was determined according to the amount of bubbles formed on the floral stigma surface, being classified into values of 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100% of peroxidase reaction activity.
It is quite evident that the success of ICSI depends on the quality of embryo as well as uterine receptivity.
For receptivity to the impossible, we fervently pray
HIV/AIDS is a particularly relevant realm for the study of information receptivity, wherein if health educators hope to persuade the public to follow preventive practices, the public's receptivity to such messages becomes critical.
As someone whose vocation for 25 years has been to encourage the voices of young women and men, I would suggest that the Bible and the Christian tradition have other stories to tell as well: of the Canaanite woman who challenged Jesus' reluctance to heal her daughter, of the early Christian leaders Phoebe and Prisca who were some of the first Christian missionaries, of the 12th-century abbess Hildegard of Bingen who was known for her preaching and even for admonishing the clergy for their failures--these women are hardly examples of pure receptivity.
The heightened receptivity to tobacco advertising among youth high in novelty-seeking may be attributable to their greater need for stimulation and rewarding experiences," theorizes Audrain.
First, understanding the receptivity to working abroad of young graduates assists companies (e.
By the end of the century the medical model of mental disability began to fall under the emerging Social Darwinist belief in the hereditarian nature of idiocy, which in turn created a receptivity for eugenic, whose powerful writings shaped the thinking of scholars from a variety of disciplines.
But no, it isn't a question of superficiality, but rather of simplicity, obtained by a state of ecstatic receptivity, where any form of personal will is banished from the work's execution.
The receptivity of our Pharmacia colleagues and customers alike has been highly encouraging," Quinn says.

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