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Quantum Receptivity adds the element of timing to the hypertargeting mix that can only be created from inMarket's reach and the freshest, most accurate shopping location data in the world.
May there be an outpouring of "a more generic receptivity toward the impossible," that people "shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks," all "in defiance of ordinary causal regularities.
He noted that the multiple eggs generated by ovarian stimulation would increase release of the hormone estradiol from the ovary, which affects the receptivity of endometrial tissue.
In Europe, where perceived receptivity is generally high, 52% in Bulgaria say where they live is a good place for people with intellectual disabilities and 91% say this in the Netherlands.
HIV/AIDS is a particularly relevant realm for the study of information receptivity, wherein if health educators hope to persuade the public to follow preventive practices, the public's receptivity to such messages becomes critical.
As a Catholic, a woman, and a theologian, I know that receptivity in relation to God's gifts is part of the human, not just the feminine, vocation.
The students completed a questionnaire that assessed smoking habits, exposure to other smokers, receptivity to tobacco advertising, and the novelty-seeking personality trait.
For years, researchers have studied this so-called window of uterine receptivity.
atroparvus, since this species has shown receptivity to P.
Intellectual receptivity is both the prerequisite for objective human knowledge and the condition of possibility for all human knowledge.
The number ode ranking was based heavily on America's performance in the technology area: research and development, business-academic collaboration, venture capital, receptivity to innovation, and so on.
Ongoing research on the process of implantation suggests that those women who have the most difficulty becoming pregnant may have defects in uterine receptivity, Dr.

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