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1]Arg389 receptor variants, reduction of all other risk factors, such as smoking, high cholesterol, obesity, and inactivity, may be of added importance.
This study highlights the potential importance of ATP as a mediator of airway diseases and prompts further research in this area, particularly with the recent development of specific ATP receptor blockers," said Professor Barnes.
Three families of proteins--alpha, beta and gamma--join in various combinations to make up slightly different versions of the GABA-A receptor.
In this study, we applied the blood collection card sampling method to the measurement of brevetoxin using a two-tiered analysis that couples a high throughput microplate receptor assay (14) and LC-MS/MS.
5-HT2B receptor antagonists have the potential to be selective for diseased pulmonary vasculature (i.
The chemicals bind to receptors on the tissue's millions of neurons, the neurons relay the information to the brain, and voila--you know that the peach is ripe and the lilacs are in bloom.
The INF-[gamma] receptor is present on many cell types; however, its deficiency on macrophages may be responsible for the inhibition of phagocytosis and intracellular killing and the observed deficit of an antimycobacterial immunity.
Patent 6,391,847 ("Method, polypeptides, nucleotide sequence of XOR-6, a vitamin D-like receptor from Xenopus").
The receptor for Neuropeptide FF was discovered using Synaptic's SNAP Discovery platform.
At the April 1992 meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), Immunex scientists presented data from a study of LPS-induced septic shock in mice in which soluble TNF receptor reduced mortality by 90 percent as compared to placebo controls.
Traficet-EN is intended to control the inappropriate inflammatory response underlying IBD by targeting the CCR9 chemokine receptor.

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