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By promoting the regular updating of professional practices, recertification ensures patients benefit from the latest medical advances.
The recertification of the contraceptive products is a process that belongs to the realm of science perhaps, pharmacology in particular.
Per the FDA Resolutions dated 10 November 2017, (on the applications for recertification filed by the Market Authorization Holders with opposition filed by Alliance for the Family Foundation Philippines Inc.
represents an important effort to provide evidence on the validity of the recertification examination and its relevance to practicing internists.
We compare the exit rate for children enrolled in Medicaid whose first coverage recertification occurs post-DRA implementation in the summer and fall of 2005 (which we refer to as a "high impact" first recertification) with those whose first recertification occurs pre-DRA implementation in the winter and spring of 2005 (which we refer to as a "low impact" first recertification).
Van Rhee revises his study guide for the certification and recertification examination for physician assistant.
A formal presentation of recertification was made before the City of Berwyn City Council on September 22, 2015.
On the ISO recertification, Abdulla Khalifa Al Suwaidi, the managing director, said: "This confirms ADCP's commitment to excellence and a reconfirmation of our assurance that the clientele continues to receive the highest quality service.
Under the first change, any continuing education (CE) hours earned by a CPhT must be pharmacy technician-specific (T-specific) to qualify for recertification.
However, in order to remain active and extend one's credentials beyond its three-year limit, recertification is required.
ZonesCorp, the largest developer and operator of purpose-built industrial zones in the UAE, has successfully completed ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 recertification audits across all of its zones.