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Helmets that have been recertified will have a recertification statement and label inside the helmet indicating the name of the recertifying company and the date of recertification," said Christine Barrymore, president of the National Athletic Equipment Reconditioners Association and NOCSAE board member.
Intertrade provides new and recertified aircraft components and engine parts for sale, exchange or lease.
The only certainty: Out of the thousands of eligible condo projects across the country, few have even applied to be recertified.
The state Department of Education and Department of Revenue disagree with each other over whether Hubbardston's failure to act within 45 days would mean approval of the recertified assessment.
Those involved in acquisitions had not recertified their eligibility, as required by SBA regulations.
Each person who serves as a lay minister--including lector, eucharistic minister, catechist, or cantor--must read it before being certified or recertified by the parish.
National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation recertified the medical schools in the Dominican Republic until the year 2010, announced Higher Education Minister Andres Reyes Rodriguez, reports Listin Diario (March 10, 2004).
The company saved 30% on their recent recertified tape media purchases; but with it, came another unexpected expense as a result of its use.
Effective February 2002, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) requires that teachers be recertified every five years with the completion of professional development plan.
Although the helmet appears worn, it contains the necessary biannual sticker saying it was recertified in accordance with national guidelines.
The doula training program is scrutinized by the trainer's member organization, and she must be recertified every few years through continuing education and evaluations by workshop participants.