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In theory, failure to recertify could remove hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude from the market and cause a significant tightening of the supply-demand balance.
Calibrate And Recertify Each Radar And Laser Unit And Patrol Vehicle s Speedometer, Every Six (6) Months In Order To
This means renovators would be able to recertify online in addition to "on the ground" classes.
If you don't recertify within ninety days after the date your recertification is due, you will no longer have the right to use the RPSGT credential.
Committee member Laura Weirderman, who seconded the motion to recertify, said "just because I seconded that motion does not mean I believe that this amount of money is at all adequate.
I disagree with your contention that the American Board of Pediatrics decided not to require you to recertify because of your "maturity" and wealth of clinical experience.
Critics say that it's absurd to allow lifetime permits for concealed carry permits when teachers are required to recertify about once every six years.
I had to recertify in internal medicine in 2003 and found recertification to be nothing more than an expensive and enormous waste of time ("Some Subspecialists Only Recertifying in Own Field," May 15, 2005, p.
The Red River Army Depot is the Army's only road wheel and track-shoe rebuild and manufacture facility, and it's the Defense Department's only facility to recertify Patriot and Hawk missile systems.
A poll taken by the National Organization for Competency Assurance shows that more than 80 percent of respondents recertify through education or examination or both.
Finally, the customer had 10 days to notify the taxpayer, in writing, if the system was nonconforming, giving the taxpayer an opportunity to recertify the system within 90 days of the notice.