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RECESSION. A re-grant: the act of returning the title of a country to a government which formerly held it, by one which has it at the time; as the recession of Louisiana, which took place by the treaty between France and Spain, of October 1, 1800. See 2 White's Coll. 516.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Perhaps most troubling, only 40.4% of respondents said their personal finances are currently strong enough to handle a recession.
That used to be a sure signal about a recession in the past 50 years.
The effect has ranged from a five-point jump during the Great Recession to a two-point rise in the recessions beginning in 1961 and 2001.
According to the survey, even though 63 percent of shoppers report that home prices are increasing compared to last year, 56 percent of shoppers believe home prices have hit their peak.The feeling that home prices have topped out could be a reflection of shopper beliefs that a recession is in the not too distant future.
Class I: Marginal tissue recession not extending to the mucogingival junction(MGJ).No loss of interdental bone or soft-tissue
"While only 10% of panelists expect a recession in 2019, 42% say a recession will happen in 2020, and 25% expect one in 2021.
So we sought to determine if companies are now in a better or worse position to fight through the next recession than they were in 2007, just before the last recession.
The end of a monetary cycle (peaking of the fed funds rate) is an indicator of a looming recession. However, there have been numbers of times the economy sustains its expansion after the end of a monetary cycle.
Schwandt and von Wachter point to the fact that previous studies had only looked at the effects that entering the labor market during a recession had on college graduates.
Writing in "Forbes", Raul Elizalde says that a recession "seems to follow" whenever weekly unemployment claims go below 300,000.
They found that both blood pressure and glucose rose during the last recession, being particularly pronounced among people still working and younger than 65 as well as among homeowners older than age 65.