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RECESSION. A re-grant: the act of returning the title of a country to a government which formerly held it, by one which has it at the time; as the recession of Louisiana, which took place by the treaty between France and Spain, of October 1, 1800. See 2 White's Coll. 516.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Also, the trickle effect of a recessionary trend normally has a certain gestation period.
Moody's expects bank asset quality to deteriorate further from already weak levels over a 12-18 month period driven by the ongoing real-estate crisis, a recessionary economy and record-high unemployment.
"Most real sector indicators show the economy has slowed down but still managed to avoid a recessionary trap or negative real GDP growth rates while sustaining monetary and financial stability indicators," Audi said in its half year report on the performance of the Lebanese economy.
The motivation behind our paper is to find out how retailers and wholesalers manage their short-term assets and liabilities as well their long-tetra debt and cash flows during recessionary and expansionary periods.
Another recessionary trend that favored drug was the sharp rise in price consciousness and deal-seeking behavior.
The report, Asia-Pacific Top 10 Broad-band Operator Analysis, examines the current state of the region's largest fixed broadband providers and explores the impact of telecom investment, consolidations and recessionary pressures on the region's major ISPs.
Leading players will be convening in Bahrain at Gulf Hotel on Monday and Tuesday to review the outlook for the Islamic funds market, further adapt their business models in line with the new economic realities and position themselves to take advantage of new opportunities as the current recessionary environment begins to give way to recovery.
The "mild" decline in 2008 "is likely to be more acute in 2009 as the full recessionary impact on renewals becomes clear," the report said.
CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 2, PS3, pounds 54.99 BUSTING through the pounds 50 price tag in recessionary times is a bold move, and one that has been greeted with a few rumbles of discontent.
LAHROE, November 12, 2009 (Balochistan Times): The Management Association of Pakistan (MAP) is holding an International Management Conference on Preparing the Business for Post Recessionary Challenges here on November 18.
He also said that "we believe that conditions have likely bottomed and continue to remain in the current recessionary trough of freight demand."
Nation's Restaurant News reports that deals intended to draw customers in these recessionary times, including "discounts, free items, dollar offerings or smaller portions at lower prices," are going to be around for some time to come as the economy goes through a slow recovery that will see high levels of unemployment for the foreseeable future.