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1%) suggest that the prevalence of GSD 1 is high as the other autosomal recessively inherited metabolic diaseses (7).
The Upper Schist Unit consists of quartz-mica schist, quartzite, graphitic schist and minor limestone; it also weathers recessively.
Czitrom (1982), in Media and the American Mind, states that "Obviously, in any culture both sets of values are operative, one dominantly and one recessively.
It was a rare, inborn error of metabolism, an autosomal recessively inherited disorder caused by the absence of a single enzyme, galactose-l-phosphate uridyltransferase.
The ribbon quartz characteristically weathers recessively because of the effect of decomposing sulfide minerals, and is typically not exposed without trenching.
2) have shown that homozygous and combined heterozygous mutations are frequent in the plasminogen gene in patients with ligneous conjunctivitis and this has confirmed that the disease is inherited autosomal recessively.
The natural history and spectrum of clinical manifestations of recessively inherited coagulation disorders (RICD) are not well described due to the fact that very few clinical centers have the opportunity to see a significant number of these rare patients (4)