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After the center guide and end connector hardware have been tightened, recheck the torque after 30 to 50 miles of operation.
The international terminal will eliminate the need for Atlanta-bound passengers to recheck their baggage.
Replying to a question tabled in Parliament, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said: "The Home Office is now working with the sub-contractor to recheck individually the right to work of all their security staff supplied to the Home Office.
Some do it the old-fashioned way--by deploying a small army of people to check and recheck spreadsheets and to find the one cell among thousands that holds the potential for disaster.
However, 31% confessed that they did not go for a recheck.
With the ability to gather student performance results, teachers and administrators can monitor student progress, address deficiencies and recheck mastery by class, course, grade level, school or various demographics.
TABLE Approach to monitoring of INR for long-term anticoagulation Clinical scenario Suggested approach Initiation of warfarin Monitor daily until stable, then gradually increase interval to weekly, biweekly, monthly if stable INR reaches therapeutic level Recheck 2 weeks x 2, then every 4 weeks if stable INR therapeutic for 8 to 10 May increase interval to 6 weeks weeks consecutively with high compliance and good patient education; increase frequency with illness, medication change, history of highly variable INR levels INR outside target range within Recheck in 1 to 2 weeks; if 1.
Now it has emerged that Parliament chiefs have asked Raffan to recheck three years of travel expense claims.
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The agency no longer has the in-house technological resources to check and recheck the many tests used to certify flights and to troubleshoot.
Schedule the first recheck within 2-3 days, rather than 2-3 weeks, she said.
The following day, July 11, the woman's physician received the lab results and ordered another anticoagulant medication, Coumadin 5 mg, to be given orally once, and ordered a recheck of the INR levels the following day.

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