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There is no evidence that charity workers, for example, recidivate less frequently than other offenders.
There is no particular reason to believe that groups that recidivate at higher rates are also more responsive to incarceration.
For nonviolent offenders, juveniles, or others who are unlikely to recidivate, the justifications are strained at best.
Former inmates try hard not to recidivate, but difficulties finding and keeping a job can interfere with their goals.
Sex offenders, according to these studies, do not recidivate at a higher rate than other criminals.
The results suggest that persons convicted for drug possession were less likely to recidivate than those convicted of drug sales, and both groups were significantly less likely to recidivate than were persons convicted of other drug crimes (trafficking, smuggling, production, delivery and distribution), and non-drug crimes in the sample: "These results suggest that drug offenders who have no record of non-drug criminal activity are different from the population of drug offenders who have also committed crimes against persons and property.
Despite the proliferation of laws requiring sex offender registration, it is unclear how effective these mechanisms are at ensuring more effective and efficient conviction of offenders who recidivate or indeed if they contribute at all to a reduction of sexual recidivism.
It is consistent with the view that male sex offenders are deviant, dangerous, and likely to recidivate (Cowburn & Dominelli, 2001).
Research conducted by the Institute for Law and Social Research (INSLAW) and the RAND Corporation suggested that extending the sentences given to convicts predicted on the basis of statistical analyses to be likely to recidivate could enhance the volume of crime prevented.
2001) wrote a comprehensive analysis of prison work programs and concluded "that participants in the work programs are less likely to recidivate than those who do not participate in a treatment program" (Bushway, 2003, p.
Youth tried as adults are, on average, one-third more likely to recidivate than youth who remain in the delinquency system.
Hare's Psychopathy Checklist (PCL) scales, it can be predicted which criminals will recidivate, perhaps to commit murder and other serious crimes, and which ones can be released with minimal danger to society.