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As shown in Table 2, more than one-third of the 2003 ACJ ex-inmates recidivated within one year (36.
Some offenders in our sample recidivated but were put on probation rather than reincarcerated for the subsequent offense.
Table 3 presents the distribution of youth who recidivated by Region.
It was determined that from 2006 to 2009, upon receiving judicial release from prison (with a one year post-release follow-up), Tapestry members recidivated at a rate of only 8.
In other words, detaining the entire control group would result in the needless detention of five youths to "catch" the sixth who would have recidivated within the pretrial period.
Both OWD participants who gained employment and had not recidivated, as well as OWD participants who recidivated, were interviewed in an effort to get feedback from "successful and unsuccessful" participants alike.
Low-achieving students who received more than 200 hours of academic programming recidivated at rates less than inmates who had either no programming or less than 200 hours, as cited by Jancic (1998).
In the two cohorts (2008 and 2009) that have completed the course, none of the 21 participants have recidivated.
Finally, for inmates with some post-high school education, the noncompletion group recidivated at a much higher rate than those who completed treatment (t=2.
8 percent (1,191,400) of those are people who have recidivated.
In fact, their findings suggest that the electronically monitored juveniles both violated program conditions and recidivated more often than the offenders who were placed in a community supervision program without electronic monitoring.
Of all offenders who recidivated, nearly 58 percent returned to IDOC for the commission of a new crime, compared to approximately 42 percent of returns for a technical rule violation of post-release supervision.