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Regarding Hypothesis 1, the relationships between not recidivating and being older, having a high school diploma or GED at the time of admission into drug court, and being employed or a student at time of admission into drug court were not statistically significant.
Similarly, older students also had a lower likelihood of recidivating.
If such education is continued for two to four years, society more than likely will receive ex-offenders whose chances of recidivating are in the low double- or single-digit range, compared with a national recidivism range of 50 to 70 percent.
These ties that offenders have with their home life --families and friends, schools, churches, community interests--are often the same ones that keep them from recidivating in the long run.
Because previous research has indicated a high occurrence of substance abuse in individuals who are incarcerated, this focused analysis honed in on substance abuse as a key problem facing those individuals recidivating in the criminal justice system.
202) Conversely, convicts who had a high probability of recidivating but had served an apparently appropriate sentence were not to be civilly committed.
First, what factors were related to recidivating among CD offenders in general?
178) The irony is that in applying Megan's Law to juveniles, the legislatures are countering efforts at treatment and rehabilitation and undermining their purported goal of deterring offenders from recidivating.
Returning to the community with applicable job skills proves very helpful for offenders to move on with their lives and find productive ways to keep from recidivating.
121) The key assumption of a Cox proportional hazards model is that everyone has a base hazard function--the likelihood of recidivating at any point in time given that the person has not yet recidivated--and that personal characteristics merely transform this curve by a multiplicative constant.
It is clear that the purpose of notification laws is to protect the public from sex offenders who are at risk of recidivating.