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crimes and recidivistic tendencies stem from their mental illnesses,
TAU subjects also showed modest declines in recidivistic behaviors.
In such conditions, the tactical activities described above no longer appear as blind resistance to change, nor as recidivistic tendencies toward conflict; rather, they appear to be perhaps the only rational way for residents of such spaces to occupy the multiple and ambiguous worlds which the expansion of peacebuilding strategies have created.
86) The obvious penalties include fines and imprisonment, both significantly increasing in amount and length based on prior offenses and/or recidivistic activity.
Though the research differs somewhat from state to state and study to study, overall it does not appear that registries have resulted in a significant decline in sex crimes in general or in recidivistic sex crimes more specifically," says Levenson, perhaps the leading researcher on the effects of sex-offender registries.
22) Hence, because per se exclusions, like record-based juror eligibility statutes, are inattentive to all of the components of procedural justice, they do not promote the legitimacy of law and potentially encourage recidivistic behavior.
This guide to revision surgery techniques is designed for otolaryngology specialists who need a reference for correcting unsuccessful primary surgeries in the head and neck such as adenoidectomies, rhinoplasty and pharyngectomy while managing the effects of recidivistic disease and altered anatomical structures.
Thus, Quirk was not working with highly recidivistic or violent offenders.