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It should be noted that the contrast between the recipiency rates in table 2 and the application rates in table 1 was greatest among job leavers (8.
We find that, over a set of alternative specifications, AFDC recipiency and employment of single mothers are sensitive to the predicted hourly price of child care.
Table 1 of this comment shows that the SSDI recipiency rate for prime-aged males (here defined as those eighteen to fifty-four years old) increased from 1.
11) See Wayne Vroman, "Low Benefit Recipiency in State Unemployment Insurance Programs," Draft report to the U.
7 Empirical estimates that take into account the endogeneity of recipiency rates suggest that the elasticity of AFDC benefits with respect to the recipiency rate is probably not very large.
6) Given the retrospective nature of the UI recipiency questions in the NLSY, it is likely that recipiency is under-reported in these data--as has been shown to be the case in the CPS data (see, for example, Hutchens 1981).
The poverty and welfare variables sought here are current-year household poverty (poor versus nonpoor) and current-year individual welfare recipiency (on-welfare versus not-on-welfare) of the single-mother.
The second concern is that the decisions of firms to respond to our survey might have been correlated with grant recipiency, training, or other observed outcomes.
Unemployment Total Insured Recipiency Year rate unemployment unemployment rate 1988 3.
The 1984 amounts for singles and couples in this category of recipiency were $209.
The depth and breadth of each survey allow for analysis of an expansive variety of topics such as the transition from school to work, job mobility, youth unemployment, educational attainment and the returns to education, welfare recipiency, the impact of training, and retirement decisions.
In addition, with longitudinal data we can estimate spells of recipiency and eligibility that are based on repeated income reports.