reciprocal action

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The US should also take reciprocal action to eliminate the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan's safe havens in Afghanistan and terminate Indian-sponsored terrorism in Balochistan and Fata from Afghan territory.
Also, Cairo didn't take any reciprocal action in response to the recall of the Sudanese ambassador to Khartoum by his government.
The statement also said Pakistan is awaiting reciprocal action from the Afghan side"in terms of clearance of vast stretches of ungoverned spaces on the Afghan side, bilateral border management, repatriation of Afghan Refugees, controlling poppy cultivation, drug trafficking and initiating Afghan-led and owned political reconciliation in Afghanistan.
The US urged an end to threats of reciprocal action and urged Kurdish authorities to respect the "constitutionally-mandated role of the central government.
In June 2017, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it would take reciprocal action in response to the implementation of Executive Order 13780.
The Islamic Republic of Iran, after carefully examining the recent decision of the Supreme Court of America, will take proportional and reciprocal action," Qassemi said.
In response to the new move by the United States of America and as a reciprocal action, (Iran) will impose legal limitations for some American individuals and companies that have had a role in the creation and support of extreme terrorist groups in the region," the foreign ministry said.
If the EU were impose tariffs on our goods the reciprocal action would hurt them far more, obviously.
The letter, sent to Jio on Monday, goes on to say that augmentation of POIs based on actual traffic, necessitates a reciprocal action from the other party also.
Through reciprocal action of the fibula, the proximal fibula head also glides posteriorly and inferiorly.
There is an urgent need to take forward the demand for a 'No Arrest Policy' which would be a significant Confidence Building Measure," they said and added, "We demand that the Government of India unilaterally and unconditionally declare 'No Arrest Policy' of Pakistani fishermen and boats, so as to prompt a reciprocal action from Pakistan Government on this issue.
The statement of the delegation carrying [R]"calan's message bears three points that require reciprocal action by the government: